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Are you aware that some dental restoration procedures are used to not only make your smile more beautiful but are designed to shield it from future damage? One such service is dental crowns, which are extremely effective and safe to use. They fit comfortably over teeth for a durable hold that embraces a tooth down to the gum line and protects it from further damage and decay.

With a dental crown, a small cap or cover is placed atop a tooth to fully protect and seal it from the outside world. All areas of the tooth above the gum line will be much safer and less likely to experience failure. Although crowns can be knocked loose due to blunt trauma, they can easily be reinserted or replaced if required. Dental crowns can reach a life expectancy of two decades, and often times much longer.

Occasionally, a dental filling must be used to cover a hole in a tooth, but the filling itself may be too large for the damaged tooth. If this occurs, dental crowns can be used to cover the filling and tooth to hold both in place. Not only will this make your mouth safer form cavities, but also more resilient to future oral health disorders. Dental crowns can also be implemented for other treatments, such as root canals, implants, and bridges.

If you would like a dental crown treatment from Dayton Comprehensive Dentistry at our dentist office in Springboro, Ohio, please contact us. Dr. Cory Sellers and the rest of our team will ensure you get the protected smile you desire. A happy smile is a healthy smile!