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Dental caries are simply another term for run-of-the-mill “cavities.” So, what you can do to keep from getting them is just what your mother told you. Don’t eat too much sugar, brush and floss every day, and see your dentist regularly.

Once you have them is another matter altogether. If caught early, dental caries can sometimes be reversed. Treatments with fluoride can potentially rebuild the enamel of the tooth. Unfortunately, for many cases, the dentist must remove the decay and fill it. Fortunately, with today’s modern advances in dentistry, w can use ceramic fillings that look just like your original teeth.

Advanced tooth decay may require more extensive treatment such as a root canal and dental crown (or cap). In serious cases an extraction of the tooth may be needed to stop the cavity in its tracks and more critical dental procedures in the future.

Don’t forget, prevention is the best way to protect yourself from dental caries, so remember to brush twice a day every day and visit your dentist regularly for professional cleaning and monitoring. If you worry that you may have dental caries already, set an appointment now to have them looked at immediately.

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