Smile Restorations and Oral Health Treatments While Pregnant

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An often-overlooked aspect of pregnancies is the care and treatment that must be administered to your teeth and gums. If you neglect your oral hygiene during pregnancy, oral health risks and other health risks can arrive.

The risk for gum disease will rise during a pregnancy if you neglect your oral health care. As with all other times in life, keeping your teeth and gums clean is essential for optimum oral health. Furthermore, neglecting your oral health during a pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and premature delivery. Thus, it is essential to keep your mouth clean with your usual cleaning habits.

Always make sure you are brushing and flossing daily. This includes brushing your teeth and gums twice daily and flossing at least once per day. Furthermore, do not neglect to visit your dentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings as needed. For additional help, always make sure your dentist is aware of any prenatal vitamins and medications you may be taking while pregnant. For additional help with dietary plans, your dentist can assist you.

Keeping your teeth clean before, during, and after a pregnancy ensures oral ailments will not be able to harm you. To schedule a professional cleaning at Dayton Comprehensive Dentistry with Dr. Cory Sellers at our dentist offices in Springboro, Ohio, simply give us a call at the office closest to you. The future of your oral health is yours to control, let us help make it great!