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Have you wondered if you have wisdom teeth? And how will you understand when it’s right to remove them? There are some things you can monitor to tell if you have wisdom teeth but to really recognize them, you should consult a dental professional. Try a couple of these at-home identification methods, and give us a call if you find anything you’re curious about. We’ve been finding wisdom teeth for many years, and we’d be happy to help you if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed too.

The most obvious method to see if you have wisdom teeth is to look for a third molar in any of the areas where molars are situated. However, because wisdom teeth can be impacted underneath the gums, you may not be able to notice them. If you feel severe pain in any of the areas where a third molar would be situated, this could be an indicator that a wisdom tooth is coming out. This feeling typically manifests as a dull throb.

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