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Unlike football and hockey, many sports do not require mouthguards for safe play. Yet, so much pain and suffering would be alleviated if more did. Everyone should agree that protecting the teeth and keeping them where they belong, in the mouth, is the happiest outcome.

Not surprising, studies show that mouth injuries happen most often when athletes are without a mouthguard. Nearly 1/2 of all mouth injuries in sports occur in basketball and baseball. Typical injuries to those without a mouthguard are cuts to the mouth and tongue, broken teeth, and jaw damage.  

Types of Mouthguard

Typical mouthguards are made of soft, pliable plastic shaped to fit into the mouth. Generally, there are three types.

-Stock mouthguards that are ready-made to go into the mouth. These can be found online or at sports stores and are not fitted to the individuals mouth. This means they may not fit snugly.

-Boil and bite mouthguards are more customizable. They are more comfortable and fit better than the stock kind because you soften them up by boiling them in water. Once cool enough to put in your mouth, biting down will mold them into the shape of your individual mouth.

-Custom mouthguards can be form fitted by your dentist. This is the Cadillac of mouthguards, and as such, this kind is very expensive and offer the best and most comfortable fit.

Comfort is the most important consideration when choosing a mouthguard. If you are interested in mouthguards, call Dr. Cory Sellers for more information. Please contact Dayton Comprehensive Dentistry to make an appointment at: (937) 253-3601, or come by our office in Springboro, Ohio.